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It remains however America’s largest marine estuary, a haven for wildlife and ships alike.

A cradle of history and for centuries its most prolific fishery, the Bay has seen it all.

This bucolic scene repeats itself daily a mere hundred kilometres east of Washington DC.

Only sail powered skipjacks are allowed, a link to shipwright skills mostly lost in this era of contemporary steel and fiberglass speedboats.Further commitment was made in 2000 with the formation of the 'Chesapeake 2000' agreement which guided the Bay’s environmental restoration through to 2010.The new agreement included New York, West Virginia and Delaware in this landmark plan that finally encompasses all the states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.Michaels, nestled into a quiet inlet at the mid-section of the Bay is within a few hours drive from Washington DC.It’s a very good place in which to begin an exploration of Chesapeake's less developed side.

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